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Popular Practical Cheapest 600ml Automatic Throwing Ding Ya Fire Extinguisher

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    Popular Practical Cheapest 600ml Automatic Throwing Ding Ya Fire Extinguisher

    Popular Practical Cheapest 600ml Automatic Throwing Ding Ya Fire Extinguisher is our main products.We are Professional Fire Extinguisher Manafuturer for more than 10 years with 15 experienced engineers and 8 designer in R&D department.


    We can supply different kinds of Fire Extinguisher below:


    Throwing Escaped Fire Apparatus


    FM200 Heptafluoropropane(HFC-227ea) Fire Extinguisher System:


    1.FM200 Automatical Pipe-Network Fire Extinguisher System


    2.FM200 Automatical Cabinet Fire Extinguisher System;


    3.FM200 Automatical Temperature Timing Hanging Fire Extinguisher System;


    4.FM200 Automatical Magnetic Valve Hanging Fire Extingshier System;


    Aerosol Automatical Fire Extinguisher QRR5/10L;


    Hand-held Fire Extinguisher/Popular Practical Cheapest 600ml Automatic Throwing Ding Ya Fire Extinguisher


    Other related Fire Extinghisher Products,such as High Quality Portable Foam 1000ml Stop Fire Extinguisher,Gas Mask,Valve,Fire Controller,Fire Alarm System,Smoke Detector,Thermal Detector and Alarm Bell etc.


    If you have questions or requirements,donnot hesitate to let us know,we will supply best service to you in the first time,Including best Program and design for you to save your cost and make it most effective.


    We hope our Ding Ya Brand Fire Extinguisher System will be your NO.1 choise.


    Thank you very much for your best cooperation and support!


    Contact Person: Jacky Yu/General Manager



    Skype: garyyu77




    1.Fast: in the early fire,stop fire for 2 seconds

    2.simple:no need training the using method

    3.Easy to use: the old man and women can use, never fire again after stop

    4.Comprehensive:ordinary fire,oil fire and electricity all fire can be used

    5.Security:throwing over a long distance,without having to close to the fire,calmly extinguishing

    6.Cold tolerance:20 degrees below zero will not freeze

    7.Environmental protection:the PH value is neutral,no stimulation to the human body

    8.For a long time:2 years or 5 years warranty,warranty period without annual inspection

    9.Economy:layout is simple,cover an area of small,long time,good effect

    10.Beauty:subvert the traditional fire extinguisher heavy image,become the ornaments


    Fire extinguishing principle


    1.Blocking oxygen:escape the extinguishing agent after heated in fire extinguishing apparatus that produce carbon dioxide,carbon dioxide blocking the burning surface contact with oxygen thus inhibiting the combustion.


    2.Inhibition of chemical chain reaction:the fire extinguishing agent in the throwing type escape extinguishing apparatus produces ammonia after the heat,and ammonia can form the negative catalyst of the combustion chain reaction


    3.Cooling effect:the liquid from the throwing fire extinguishing appliance has been dispersed from the resin bottle thrown to the fire source.At this time,the water evaporates instantly and the burner cools quickly,and the ammonia gas produced after the heat is also cooled.


    4.To prevent recurrence:parts of the agent component can make the air higher ignition point,and at the same time when it is heated to produce stable,rich foam for fuel has also formed the good cover fundamentally eliminating the possibility of resurgence




    1.The place of business, bank, hotel, hotel,gas stations,supermarkets

    2. In the public gallery,kindergartens,schools,nursing homes,theaters,libraries,museums and shops etc.

    3.The daily life space:house,apartment,hotel etc.

    4.The factory:petroleum chemical plant,food factory,precision factory,dangerous goods factories,factories etc. 5.Transportation,public transportation,transportation vehicles,small cars,passenger ships,yachts etc

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